Saturday, 31 October 2015


From the past few decades, the technology in our world has reached leaps and bounds. Ever since the use of social media sites has been doubled, This had led to youngsters devoting their precious time on their smart phones rather than studying. And this is the main issue now-a-days.

You will find many children texting while walking on roads, listening music and what not. This had led to depression in many, decreasing self confidence etc. and these are all scientifically proven by experts. Instead of surfing internet for seeking knowledge, they use it for totally a  different reasons.

Children are less interested in {Studies}. Though children are spending time on these gizmos, they don't use this time for studying.
There are many children who are scoring less marks but didn't bulge to to hold a book even for a complete hour.

A child uses abusive language and gets influenced by drugs and other addiction by watching the kind of movies they are exposed to today. Not even it has bad impact on children but they used to face problems regarding decision making. 

Peer pressure is the another factor. People will not come to know about how their children face challenges to prove their dominance. This had change their behaviour, dressing style, their emotions, etc. If situation gets out of control, suicide will seem a best answer to them. But that's not.  As the famous Abigail Van Buren had said

These are few problems but there are more.

As a parent or guardian you must ensure if their is a slight change in any one of the characteristics. Try to devote your time with them and make them feel that you understand them.  Discuss with them if they had any problems and try to find the root cause. Participate in their ups and downs . Encourage them every time they feel low or discriminate. By this you can help them deal with any kind of situations they face.

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