Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Evil Locket: Ch.5


“What do you want?” I asked.
“Your Brother” he replied.
“My Brother?” I asked in open mouthed horror.
“Yes, I want your Brother.” he said
“Are you kidding?” I asked surprisingly.
“I will kill him. I have to kill you also. You are the only one who can stop my plan.” He started to laugh. He made an irritating sound. I put down my

phone. My hard was beating very fast. I thought that it will come out. And then I suddenly I heard mom’s voice.
“Sabrina, are you still awake?” she asked.

“No” I said.
“It’s not the time to joke. Go to sleep.” She said loudly.
“It’s better for me to get to sleep.” I decided.

I woke up next morning. I dressed up and went for breakfast. I only thought about that Mr. Monstrol........ whatever his name was. I even didn’t notice today’s dish. That was egg roll. I ate it without noticing that it was my least favourite dish. My mom and brother were staring hard at me with very surprised faces.
“What?” I asked looking at them.
 “Nothing.” She answered.
In school I kept thinking about the phone call last night.
“What happen?” Tom asked.
“You won’t believe me.” I said and took out my English book.

“Tell me. We are best friends.” He said.
“Last night called me and he said something.” I started.

“What did he said?” he asked.
“He said that he will kill me.” I said seeing his face.
He opened his mouth in horror and excitement.
“Yes, I said he will kill me.”
“Good joke, Sabrina.” He said making a disgusted smile.
“Do you think it’s a joke?” I asked.
“Of course...... Who could kill a girl who don’t have any enemies and who is little and helpless.” He stopped.
“Little what? Fat?” I asked as my anger arose.
“No. Little cute.” He said.
After school, when I was at my home, mom called me.
“One parcel for you Sabrina.” She said.

I took that parcel to my room and opened it. I don’t know who sent this. Sun Glasses! I tried them. And............. everything changed! I was not in my own room! I was somewhere else. Where was I?

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