Wednesday, 21 October 2015

i hope you had liked this story which i can predict by your views so, there is our new story by our second member Atharv Anand

Nothing lasts forever. Everyone die and even we will.
-: we just interviewed a small boy of 8. These are his words:
“Hi everyone!!! So this is an incident which I have not told to anyone. You know a few weeks ago I met a boy standing at my house’s door when returned from my colony playground. He must have been of 6 or7, he was wearing a shirt and a shorts staring at my housing as if he was waiting for someone. I went near him and asked,” Hey boy what are you doing here?”. “Nothing, I just came here to make you my friend. I was told that you are just made for me as friends.” he replied. But I again asked “wait, wait, wait what is your name?” “A….a….Arum” “that’s a nice name but it’s night time so you must meet me tomorrow. So for now go home kiddo.” and I went in my home. Soon my big bro returned from his tut ion classes. And he asked me who was that boy lying on our staircase. I went out and saw him lying. Then I went turned and called my mom  but by the time my mom reached he was not there. I was really shocked with my mouth open. My mom said “ you rascals, bloody nincompoops go to bed right away”. And I went to bed without uttering a word. But I could not sleep at all , I was just thinking of him. Was he a teleporter, jumper, or a magical kid or something else……

To read what happened next, stay tuned and give reviews! 

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