Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Evil Locket: Ch. 3

I opened my eyes. I found myself in my room lying on my bed. Mom was on my side moving her hand slowly above my head. I rubbed my eyes.
“What happened?” Tom asked who was also there.
“I saw something terrible when we were playing.” I said still rubbing my eyes.
“What did you saw?” Steve asked looking some kind of scared.

“I saw a boy with black hair and a pure white body. His eyes were also black.” I replied.

“Why are you scaring me?” Steve asked still scared.

“Believe me. I’ve seen him. Really.”
“Don’t scare him.” Mom interrupted. “Take rest.” she said.
“It would be better for me to keep quite.” I decided. ”It would be just my imagination.” I thought.
Suddenly the phone rang.I heard mom’s voice.
“Hello? Who are you? Hello?”
Then she put the phone and turned to me.
“Blank call” she muttered.
“Hey Sabrina, take rest and we will meet tomorrow. OK?” Tom said and went away.
Mom also went to the kitchen for preparing dinner. But Steve remained there. He started murmuring something. I thought he said
“Sorry, I have done a mistake.”
“Huh?” I can’t really make out the words.
“What did you say?” I asked.

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