Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Evil Locket: Ch. 12


“What does this mean?” I asked.
“Hey look, here’s one small tunnel.” Tom said pointing towards a tunnel gulping hard.
“Let’s get in.” I suggested.
He went inside. We followed.
“I even don’t know about it.” I said looking at a poster pasted on that wall. We followed Tom in the tunnel and reached a house.
“Where are we?” I asked looking around. It was a room. Windows were also there placed high. A door! I tried to open it. Locked! I pulled the door knob hard. Useless! Then I heard a thud.
“Did you hear the silence?”
Thud....thud.....thud....thud....thud. I shivered and then gasped.

“What was that?”
I finally managed to speak.
“I don’t know.” Tom replied.
We kept silent for some time. Then we heard the door unlocked. Then I froze. I screamed in horror. Rats! Lots and lots of them!
“Noooooooooo!” I screamed.
I hate rats. What on earth they are doing here? I finally managed to be
calm and ran outside quickly. Tom and Steve followed me.
“Who opened the door?” I asked looking around.
“Maybe rats!” Steve said.

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