Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Evil Locket: Ch. 13

“Not at all.” I shouted.
“Guys, we are in big trouble.” I heard Tom’s voice.
We followed his gaze. We froze. We saw something in large number coming towards us. Dozens of them!
“Run” I shouted.
“Back to the tunnel.”
 We ran towards the tunnel and came back to the store room. I was panting hard.

“It’s just like a puzzle!” I said.

“How?” Tom asked.
“You know the first time we were playing hide and seek, I saw an old man’s ghost. I had phone calls from a strange person. He said that he would kill me. Then he sent sun glasses. When I wear them, I entered a new world. Then-“
“Hey, wait a minute. Who gifted those sun glasses?” Tom said looking a little confused.
“Mr. Monstreolus.” I answered.
“What did you saw in the other world?” he asked.
“I saw many people watching something. Strange monster like people! Then I asked oneto what were they looking. He replied that a fight was going on between Monstreolus and another one whose name I forgot.” I answered simply.
“Got it!” Tom cried.
“What?” Steve asked.

The solution of the puzzle is monsterolus.
“Sabrina, you have to wear those sun glasses again and have to meet the person.” He said.

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