Thursday, 22 October 2015


Leading a simple life always seems to be simple. Right?  Staying late at night, with nose poked 2 inches away from the phone screen, and waking up late in the morning with puffed eyes is the routine which the youngsters now-a-days follow.
Well perhaps, if you are one of those, then you seriously needs this article.

You know, everything in this world, happens for a reason. This city, this country, this world, the universe happened because of some reason. Even the HUMANS !

Yes, we were born in this world to do something great. We were born to give value to this earth, to its fellow people. We have the potential to do everything we aspire to. We can do or be anything.
But for that, we need to be serious for life. Which I think most of us are not.

Guys, life is fun. It actually is. But at the same time it also demands for a dream. You can't let the life pass in front of you. Perhaps you are not recognizing that it can cause you a string of problems in future. If you chase your dreams, not only it will give you a sense of direction but also  you will appreciate your life more. All you need is to just be ready to sacrifice every thing that keeps you in your comfort zone. Without sacrificing your comforts, it will always drag you down.
Only if you are ready to feel the pain in early stages, it will prepare you for the future.

Remember guys "NO PAIN, NO GAIN"

You must have a
An action plan
Willingness to work hard
Will power
Belief that you can achieve
Try to listen to some inspiring songs.
And you will see the magic within you. You will have a crazy attitude to fulfill your dream. And one day there will be a time when success will be at your feet. Remember you will find many parasites in your journey that will drain your energy. Don't take them seriously and always turn a deaf ear when you encounter them. You have to to prove your parents, your society and everyone that you can do anything. ANYTHING means ANYTHING ! Because THE TIME HAS COME !!

                           ALL THE BEST !!!

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