Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Evil Locket: Ch. 11


In the evening, Tom and others called to play hide and seek. My brother also joined them.
“You are late so it is your turn.” Tom said.
 I started counting.
“I am coming.” I shouted so that everyone could hear. I went to our garage. No one! Then I bent down to the store room.
Gotcha! I said.

“Am I the first one to be caught?” Steve asked.
“Yes.” Then I went upstairs.

“Hey you” I shouted pointing towards the backyard. There was Tom.
I started running.
“No” Tom shouted nervously.
“I am caught.” He yelled.
Now five more left! I said. I started searching. But I didn’t found even a single of them. Three hours had gone. We were then getting worried.
“Where are they?” Tom asked.
“Maybe we should look in the store room.” He suggested.
I went downstairs in the store room. And when we look around, our mouth dropped open.
“What happened to them?” I asked.
“They aren’t breathing.” Steve said checking their breaths.
His dream was to become a doctor.
“Hey look, here is a note” Tom said
 We looked at where Tom eyes were settled.
“The lost souls!” he exclaimed.

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