Monday, 25 April 2016

The Lion and the Deer

She leapt on me like a predator. It was like I am a deer and she is a lion. And for sure, there's no way I could escape. I once again looked at the lion. She roared like hell! Her hair flew like of lions when the lion follows its prey. Her eyes were big as hell. Same was her face.

Once she used to be a peacock, one of the beautiful creature in the world and I was still a deer at that time. But the condition is different now. Facing a lion is a different thing or the 'Worst Thing'. If you have a peacock then listen to me very seriously: don't you ever dare to bore her.

First of all, she will dance with you
Just like when its raining. Then slowly she will turn herself to a bitch, then a wolf and at last you will face the Fear, Fear of Death: the Lion. She will eat you slowly till you loose your every money in your pocket and then she will start with the chewing of  your bones. She will suck your entire blood if you show her temper. And please don't you ever give anyone your heart. Your heart is yours, if you give it to a girl, she will polish her shoes with it. Look I am being hunted so I just pray for those people who like peacock.

I wished I had liked a sheep. Oh my God, may the 'Deer's ' soul rest in peace.

God: Impossible! I am too hunted by a lion so please don't ask me for the big favour.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Our first youtube video, plz watch it.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Need Ideas

Dear viewers,

It will be very great and appreciable if you provide us with ideas so that we can continue blogging.

Anything like articles, essays, poems, stories and mention it in the comment box.

Looking forward for your useful comments.


Sunday, 28 February 2016

Kill the Exams

Exams approached? Wondering what to do? Well not a big deal.

Exams always come around and give us a heart and mental attack. No matter how good students are in studies, they too even face problems during this time. Its like a time of 'Great Depression' .

I myself am a good student. But I also face problems during exams. To combat this, you must follow some basic principles so that you also achieve great marks.

The first thing you must do is to make a time table. Start early for example, a month before exam. Not only it will give you a direction, but also this will help you cover all your well ahead of time. Write down your plannings like when should you wake up, what to do etc.

Procrastination is a human nature. There will be a time when you will let everything go and will skip your plannings. But you need to fight that feeling and stay focussed on your goal. Listen to some inspiring songs so that it will blaze you with awesome feeling of doing something great.

3) Rest well (Its time for a break! 😪)
We humans are not a machine. After every hour of studies, take a nap or go for a walk. Studies have revealed that a relaxed mind works more actively compared to
a deep concentrated mind. During study break, have some light and healthy snacks.

4) Study Smart
Yes, you read it right. You will come across many people who will tell you to study and study HARD. But that's not true. Almost every class topper study smartly to retain his/her position. And that always do the trick. So you need to find that Right way. Remember that the ratio of rest to the ratio to your studies must be same. Rest is also important like Studies.

It means that you must recognize what is the time when your mind functions actively. Some students study well early in the morning while some late in night. You will have to find your right time.

A well balanced diet is very important step during your exam days. Eat well, sleep well.

You have prepared for exams. Now its time to spill the answers on your answer sheet.

And win this battle !!! 🙋

All the best for your exams. Hope I had helped you.

a) during exams, keep your bottle with you. Your brain needs to stay hydrated in course of your exam.

B) its a game of mind. Unless you are not confident, all your preparation will be of no use. Believe that you will stand first in class, and who knows maybe you reach that position.

C) prepare your best, do your best and always hope for the best.

Thanks all.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Fled Forever

Wondering who fired that Gun shot.
That made hundreds of flocks of birds fly into the sky,
It was only then when I noticed
The bushes behind me made a quick movement.

Thinking it to be a lethal snake,
I tried to run away from there
But something stop me in the midway
When I heard a cry of pain.

The voice grew more as seconds passed by
Until I saw a hunter there, with a grin of sly
"Had you seen my prey ?" He asked a question
I shook my head with fear, and said I hadn't

With fear of getting shot, still in my face
Turned to leave the scary place
But suddenly, he stopped me
When I was in my way.

"Make a call just in case,
If I found my prey" he said
Leaving a note in my hands,
Which said his number.

I dived into the bushes
from where the noise came from
After the hunter left
I searched and found what ?

A little canary with wounded wings
I felt pity as I held it
Decided to help it before it dies
A vision of it becoming healthy lies before my eyes.

As soon as I reached my home
I ran upstairs to my room
Helped it get bandaged
With a belly full of food.

Day and night I looked after it,
Without being concerned about my comforts,
I watched it becoming  healthy day by day
Growing more tall and strong.

And one day, it grown into a full adult
And it had been a week since it knew to fly,
After flying in the room, it came
Sitting on my shoulder.

Knowing the time had came
When he had to face it all alone
Sitting on the chair near window
I began wondering the memorable moments with it.

With tears filling my eyes,
I held it and left it near the window
It didn't left from there,
But gazed deep into my eyes.

With leading a heart of stone
I shouted at the top of my voice,
Scared by my rude behaviour
It flew away from there.

I did it only for his own good sake
This is the law of nature.
I came near the window to catch it's last glance
But before I knew, it fled forever.

By- Mohit

Tuesday, 24 November 2015


The Future Generation: In Trouble
A few days ago our school interviewed some teenagers regarding the problems faced by them at this stage of life. Different students choosing different streams gave different problems.

Some students said that emotional and physical changes were a problem. Actually their classmates were a problem who teased or called them by different names based on their physical changes. Some said peer pressure was a problem. The students who are called ‘illiterate’ students forced them to do something or beating or abusing them unnecessarily. Well nothing can be done until the sufferers say ‘NO’.
Some students said parental pressure was a problem. Parents were forcing their children to take the streams which were not of their choice. Some wanted medical but took PCM, some wanted humanities, they have opted for medical and many more.......

And the students who had opted for engineering said that lack of rest was a problem. They were so engrossed in their studies that they were not getting even 15 minutes of rest. Their time table or management was so much hectic that rest, they thought was waste.
A few students who wanted an entry in Army or Navy or Air Force must have an engineering degree or 12th top from boards were working so hard in studies that they are not able to do any physical activity. They are now worried that how will they will get selected.

There are many solutions to all these problems which vary from person to person. The guiders will guide us who are our teachers, parents, elders and councillors. Go to them.......
Still the solutions will be posted soon........................

Monday, 2 November 2015

my friend's story continued

Hello everyone welcome back to MAAHU and let me continue my story from where i had left, when my friend sees Arun just vanished here he continues

"yeah so when i slept i was blank in the morning i went to school returned and went to play but when i reached home i again saw him but this time he was near my dad's car i just passed quietly so that he does not see me and i was successful but i was wrong as soon as i stepped the staircase he called me and i stood frozen. he came near me and turned his neck in a very weird way and suddenly my brother came running pushed Arun aside, held my hand and we both went running up the staircase in our house. then he said"brother i am just coming". then he went out and bolted the door from outside. i stood by the door, i wasn't able to see anything but i heard some sound of communication. after 5 minutes he returned,took out a small ball and said"don't worry bro i will just return after some time don't cry at all. be strong ." then he threw the ball at his feet and he just got covered by a smoke cloud and vanished. it has been 7 weeks i am waiting for him but no progress. but i will not loose hope. i know he will return." so i hope you liked it and i will continue this story as soon as possible.

thank you for reading.......

atharv will report soon....!!!