Tuesday, 24 November 2015


The Future Generation: In Trouble
A few days ago our school interviewed some teenagers regarding the problems faced by them at this stage of life. Different students choosing different streams gave different problems.

Some students said that emotional and physical changes were a problem. Actually their classmates were a problem who teased or called them by different names based on their physical changes. Some said peer pressure was a problem. The students who are called ‘illiterate’ students forced them to do something or beating or abusing them unnecessarily. Well nothing can be done until the sufferers say ‘NO’.
Some students said parental pressure was a problem. Parents were forcing their children to take the streams which were not of their choice. Some wanted medical but took PCM, some wanted humanities, they have opted for medical and many more.......

And the students who had opted for engineering said that lack of rest was a problem. They were so engrossed in their studies that they were not getting even 15 minutes of rest. Their time table or management was so much hectic that rest, they thought was waste.
A few students who wanted an entry in Army or Navy or Air Force must have an engineering degree or 12th top from boards were working so hard in studies that they are not able to do any physical activity. They are now worried that how will they will get selected.

There are many solutions to all these problems which vary from person to person. The guiders will guide us who are our teachers, parents, elders and councillors. Go to them.......
Still the solutions will be posted soon........................

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