Monday, 2 November 2015

my friend's story continued

Hello everyone welcome back to MAAHU and let me continue my story from where i had left, when my friend sees Arun just vanished here he continues

"yeah so when i slept i was blank in the morning i went to school returned and went to play but when i reached home i again saw him but this time he was near my dad's car i just passed quietly so that he does not see me and i was successful but i was wrong as soon as i stepped the staircase he called me and i stood frozen. he came near me and turned his neck in a very weird way and suddenly my brother came running pushed Arun aside, held my hand and we both went running up the staircase in our house. then he said"brother i am just coming". then he went out and bolted the door from outside. i stood by the door, i wasn't able to see anything but i heard some sound of communication. after 5 minutes he returned,took out a small ball and said"don't worry bro i will just return after some time don't cry at all. be strong ." then he threw the ball at his feet and he just got covered by a smoke cloud and vanished. it has been 7 weeks i am waiting for him but no progress. but i will not loose hope. i know he will return." so i hope you liked it and i will continue this story as soon as possible.

thank you for reading.......

atharv will report soon....!!!       

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