Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Fled Forever

Wondering who fired that Gun shot.
That made hundreds of flocks of birds fly into the sky,
It was only then when I noticed
The bushes behind me made a quick movement.

Thinking it to be a lethal snake,
I tried to run away from there
But something stop me in the midway
When I heard a cry of pain.

The voice grew more as seconds passed by
Until I saw a hunter there, with a grin of sly
"Had you seen my prey ?" He asked a question
I shook my head with fear, and said I hadn't

With fear of getting shot, still in my face
Turned to leave the scary place
But suddenly, he stopped me
When I was in my way.

"Make a call just in case,
If I found my prey" he said
Leaving a note in my hands,
Which said his number.

I dived into the bushes
from where the noise came from
After the hunter left
I searched and found what ?

A little canary with wounded wings
I felt pity as I held it
Decided to help it before it dies
A vision of it becoming healthy lies before my eyes.

As soon as I reached my home
I ran upstairs to my room
Helped it get bandaged
With a belly full of food.

Day and night I looked after it,
Without being concerned about my comforts,
I watched it becoming  healthy day by day
Growing more tall and strong.

And one day, it grown into a full adult
And it had been a week since it knew to fly,
After flying in the room, it came
Sitting on my shoulder.

Knowing the time had came
When he had to face it all alone
Sitting on the chair near window
I began wondering the memorable moments with it.

With tears filling my eyes,
I held it and left it near the window
It didn't left from there,
But gazed deep into my eyes.

With leading a heart of stone
I shouted at the top of my voice,
Scared by my rude behaviour
It flew away from there.

I did it only for his own good sake
This is the law of nature.
I came near the window to catch it's last glance
But before I knew, it fled forever.

By- Mohit

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