Monday, 25 April 2016

The Lion and the Deer

She leapt on me like a predator. It was like I am a deer and she is a lion. And for sure, there's no way I could escape. I once again looked at the lion. She roared like hell! Her hair flew like of lions when the lion follows its prey. Her eyes were big as hell. Same was her face.

Once she used to be a peacock, one of the beautiful creature in the world and I was still a deer at that time. But the condition is different now. Facing a lion is a different thing or the 'Worst Thing'. If you have a peacock then listen to me very seriously: don't you ever dare to bore her.

First of all, she will dance with you
Just like when its raining. Then slowly she will turn herself to a bitch, then a wolf and at last you will face the Fear, Fear of Death: the Lion. She will eat you slowly till you loose your every money in your pocket and then she will start with the chewing of  your bones. She will suck your entire blood if you show her temper. And please don't you ever give anyone your heart. Your heart is yours, if you give it to a girl, she will polish her shoes with it. Look I am being hunted so I just pray for those people who like peacock.

I wished I had liked a sheep. Oh my God, may the 'Deer's ' soul rest in peace.

God: Impossible! I am too hunted by a lion so please don't ask me for the big favour.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Our first youtube video, plz watch it.