Saturday, 31 October 2015


From the past few decades, the technology in our world has reached leaps and bounds. Ever since the use of social media sites has been doubled, This had led to youngsters devoting their precious time on their smart phones rather than studying. And this is the main issue now-a-days.

You will find many children texting while walking on roads, listening music and what not. This had led to depression in many, decreasing self confidence etc. and these are all scientifically proven by experts. Instead of surfing internet for seeking knowledge, they use it for totally a  different reasons.

Children are less interested in {Studies}. Though children are spending time on these gizmos, they don't use this time for studying.
There are many children who are scoring less marks but didn't bulge to to hold a book even for a complete hour.

A child uses abusive language and gets influenced by drugs and other addiction by watching the kind of movies they are exposed to today. Not even it has bad impact on children but they used to face problems regarding decision making. 

Peer pressure is the another factor. People will not come to know about how their children face challenges to prove their dominance. This had change their behaviour, dressing style, their emotions, etc. If situation gets out of control, suicide will seem a best answer to them. But that's not.  As the famous Abigail Van Buren had said

These are few problems but there are more.

As a parent or guardian you must ensure if their is a slight change in any one of the characteristics. Try to devote your time with them and make them feel that you understand them.  Discuss with them if they had any problems and try to find the root cause. Participate in their ups and downs . Encourage them every time they feel low or discriminate. By this you can help them deal with any kind of situations they face.

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Thursday, 22 October 2015


Leading a simple life always seems to be simple. Right?  Staying late at night, with nose poked 2 inches away from the phone screen, and waking up late in the morning with puffed eyes is the routine which the youngsters now-a-days follow.
Well perhaps, if you are one of those, then you seriously needs this article.

You know, everything in this world, happens for a reason. This city, this country, this world, the universe happened because of some reason. Even the HUMANS !

Yes, we were born in this world to do something great. We were born to give value to this earth, to its fellow people. We have the potential to do everything we aspire to. We can do or be anything.
But for that, we need to be serious for life. Which I think most of us are not.

Guys, life is fun. It actually is. But at the same time it also demands for a dream. You can't let the life pass in front of you. Perhaps you are not recognizing that it can cause you a string of problems in future. If you chase your dreams, not only it will give you a sense of direction but also  you will appreciate your life more. All you need is to just be ready to sacrifice every thing that keeps you in your comfort zone. Without sacrificing your comforts, it will always drag you down.
Only if you are ready to feel the pain in early stages, it will prepare you for the future.

Remember guys "NO PAIN, NO GAIN"

You must have a
An action plan
Willingness to work hard
Will power
Belief that you can achieve
Try to listen to some inspiring songs.
And you will see the magic within you. You will have a crazy attitude to fulfill your dream. And one day there will be a time when success will be at your feet. Remember you will find many parasites in your journey that will drain your energy. Don't take them seriously and always turn a deaf ear when you encounter them. You have to to prove your parents, your society and everyone that you can do anything. ANYTHING means ANYTHING ! Because THE TIME HAS COME !!

                           ALL THE BEST !!!

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

i hope you had liked this story which i can predict by your views so, there is our new story by our second member Atharv Anand

Nothing lasts forever. Everyone die and even we will.
-: we just interviewed a small boy of 8. These are his words:
“Hi everyone!!! So this is an incident which I have not told to anyone. You know a few weeks ago I met a boy standing at my house’s door when returned from my colony playground. He must have been of 6 or7, he was wearing a shirt and a shorts staring at my housing as if he was waiting for someone. I went near him and asked,” Hey boy what are you doing here?”. “Nothing, I just came here to make you my friend. I was told that you are just made for me as friends.” he replied. But I again asked “wait, wait, wait what is your name?” “A….a….Arum” “that’s a nice name but it’s night time so you must meet me tomorrow. So for now go home kiddo.” and I went in my home. Soon my big bro returned from his tut ion classes. And he asked me who was that boy lying on our staircase. I went out and saw him lying. Then I went turned and called my mom  but by the time my mom reached he was not there. I was really shocked with my mouth open. My mom said “ you rascals, bloody nincompoops go to bed right away”. And I went to bed without uttering a word. But I could not sleep at all , I was just thinking of him. Was he a teleporter, jumper, or a magical kid or something else……

To read what happened next, stay tuned and give reviews! 

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Evil Locket: The Last Chapter: 17

“Wait, first take this locket and give it to Tom.” He said giving the evil locket.
“Press the black button of the glasses.” He said.
I looked at Doomso. He was in great pain. And then I had an idea. Doomso once said that if I press the red button, the person in front of me would also come with me. Instead of pushing black, I pushed the red button.
 I heard Monstreolus shout. I could see him froze in horror. Wait a minute! Doomso! He also tried to join me by jumping in front of me. Monstreolus, Doomso and I entered present. Tom was there, standing. He was shocked to see us. And suddenly Monstreolus disappeared.
His last few words were- “I will be back to kill you.”
And then Tom also fainted. But to my great amazement Doomso also started disappearing.
Tears ran out from his eyes.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you. I am your brother Steve. Future Steve! And you would be a brave girl as well as a sister in the future. I will miss you. Bye!”
He disappeared. Tears started falling from my eyes. Present Steve woke up.
“Where are we?” Steve asked.

I hugged him. Then Tom also opened his eyes.

“What happened to me and where am I?” He asked.
“I am glad that you both are ok.” I cried in happiness.
Wait a minute! I can see Tom’s evil smile. Then I froze in horror. My mouth dropped open. He had that evil locket.

     END //
-Anish Pandey


The Evil Locket: Ch. 16

“Really?” I asked.
“But take care of a thing that he could not see me.” He said.
“I will tell you later. Now hurry! Press the red button so that I can join you. Because if you press the red button the person in front of you will be taken with you”
He handed me the glasses. I gulped hard. Then I pressed the red button. Doomso hurriedly locked the door so that Tom couldn’t get in. Then I wear them. I opened my eyes. Lots of monster like people were there. I was in the monster world. I could see Doomso clearly.
“Hey, you said that you are honest. So why you have named yourself Doomso?” I asked.

“My name isn’t Doomso. People think that I am involved in these so they named me Doomso.” He answered.
He kept his head down so that nobody could see him. 

“Where is Monstreolus?” I asked.
“We are near.” He said pointing the building that was just 500 metres away. We walked fast. Then I met a familiar face. I have seen it before!
“Who’s that?” I asked pointing. Doomso followed my gaze. He dropped his mouth open.
“Who’s that?” I repeated.
“He is Mr. Monstreolus.” He answered.
He started to run but Monstreolus blocked his path.
“You can’t run.” He said.
Then he kicked him. And then he dropped some liquid like object on him. Doomso started to scream. Then Monstreolus came towards me.
“Hey Sabrina, can you do me a favour?” He asked pretending to be good.

“Where is my brother?” I yelled.
“Here.” He pointed on a small bottle. Steve was present in that bottle in a very small size. Then I turned back towards Monstreolus.

“Science!” he explained.
I took that bottle.

The Evil Locket: Ch. 15

“If you don’t go, you will not be able to see your brother again.” He answered.
I looked around.
“Where is my brother?” I shouted.
“I send him in my world in my world.” He said.
 “You can stay there only for 3 hours. If you find me there, I will give you the locket. You have to handle it to me and I will give you your brother back.” He said.
I started to run. I had no choice. But when I reached my bedroom, I froze in horror. The glasses were gone! And I knew who had done it. Mr. Doomso!
“Hey Doomso, where are you? Give my glasses back. =” I yelled.
“I am here.” A voice came from behind me.
I turned around. That boy with pure white body!

“Hey, give my glasses back.” I repeated.
“I can’t. This isn’t safe for you.” He said.
“Have you ever thought if it is easy to go there and bring the locket, Monsterolus would havehim gone and took the locket.” he said.
“But who are you? I mean why do you really wanted to help me? “I asked.
“There is a long story behind this.” He answered.
“I like stories.” I said.
“But tell me fast. My brother is in danger.” I pleaded.
“We came from future.” He started.

“Yes and your friend is the future Monstreolus. He, in future is a scientist. He invented something that makes people ghostly. First, he tried on himself and then on other people. He made his own city. I am the also one of the ghosts. I fought with him that you saw. But I lost. The other people also wanted to become normal. But they are helpless. They are being controlled by him. But he wanted to control the whole world from the beginning of his own life. So, he decided to rule here. He invented something that controls

Tom, your best friend. But the thing he only wanted is to give the evil locket to him. The locket had filled with gas and if that gas enters in any ones nostrils that person will look just the way I look like.And you know, I am also a great scientist, but good and honest. I invented future/past glasses as it was my biggest dream in my life but Monsterolus grabbed from me and he wanted you to go because he cannot go. Because if future Monstreolus meet Tom, then Monstreolus would be gone. Gone means dead.” He ended.
“But where am I in the future?” I asked. He didn’t answer.
“Take it, if you want to go. And I know you are a brave sis... I mean to say a brave girl. And I will help you to take your brother back.”

The Evil Locket: Ch. 14


Steve and I exchanged glances.
“And what will I do when I find him?” I asked.
“Ask about the problems we are facing.” He said quickly.
“Don’t believe him.” A soft whisper came to my ear.
“He is not good. He is Monstreolus.”
“What?” I was shocked when I heard that.
“Who are you?” I whispered.
“I am the one who met you several times. Remember that fight between Monstreolus and Doomso. I am Doomso. I am that kid with that white body that you have seen before.” He answered.
“What, but why I can’t see you?” I asked him in a low voice.
“Because if Tom sees me I would be in a great trouble. Because Tom is being controlled by Monsterolus. If you want to get rid of all your problems, you have to kill Tom. He is monsterolus!” he said.

“But Tom is my best friend. How can he cheat me?” I asked.
“Hey Sabrina, to whom you are talking?” Tom asked noticing me for a few minutes.
“No one!” I lied.

“So come on, wear your glasses.” He said
I could see his evil smile appearing. It’s true that Tom is Monstreolus.
“Mom would be worried about us. We must go home.” I changed the subject.
“Sabrina, are you in there?” I heard mom’s voice. What a great luck! I started to move but Tom blocked my way.
“You cannot go Sabrina. You need to help me.” He said looking serious.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“You have to go my world and bring my locket. It’s very easy.Monstreolus will give you. You have to do nothing. And that secret room in your store room was my secret room.. Go there, take my locket and bring it for me.” He said.
“What if I don’t go?” I asked.