Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Evil Locket: Ch. 2


Our school bus dropped us at home during afternoon. I knocked the door. The door swung open. I gasped in horror. Mom was very angry. Steve hid behind me. But to my amazement she turned her head and headed towards the kitchen. I went inside. Steve locked the door.

“What happened?” I asked looking towards her.
She became upset.
“Your dad had gone to Paris and he will return after two months. He didn’t even speak to me.” She said.
“What?” I shouted as I was surprised to hear that.
“It’s impossible.” I thought.

When Steve heard this he started crying.
“I also want to go.” He continued shouting until mom came and requested him to stop shouting.
“I also wanted to go. But how!  It’s impossible.” I thought.
I sadly walked to my room. I entered my room and closed the door. I put my bag down and starting jumping on my bed. Then I started punching and kicking the pillows until my anger stopped. Then I heard mom’s voice. She was talking to someone.
 I opened the door to enquire who was there. Aunt Margie? I always doubted her name. But I never dared to ask her. Then I closed the door, took my cell phone and started playing online games.

During Evening, I heard my friends calling me. I went out and started playing with them. But before that, we all slapped high-fives.

“What are you going to play?” I asked.

“Hide and seek” Tom answered.
He was wearing short sleeve T-shirts and shorts.
“Hey, can I play with you?” I heard my brother’s voice from behind me.
“Of course you can play.” Tom answered.
Tom was the one to start and the one who has to find all the others. He started counting and we all ran to find a place to hide. I ran towards the backside of my house. I was hiding their till I saw a shadow coming towards me.
“Oh No!”Tom found me. I thought.
The shadow was coming nearby.
“Oh! At last you find me” I said as I felt one hand kept on my shoulder.
I turned around but.......... It was not Tom! I saw a dangerous ghostly face. I screamed on top of my lungs and after screaming so long, I fainted

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