Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Evil Locket: The Last Chapter: 17

“Wait, first take this locket and give it to Tom.” He said giving the evil locket.
“Press the black button of the glasses.” He said.
I looked at Doomso. He was in great pain. And then I had an idea. Doomso once said that if I press the red button, the person in front of me would also come with me. Instead of pushing black, I pushed the red button.
 I heard Monstreolus shout. I could see him froze in horror. Wait a minute! Doomso! He also tried to join me by jumping in front of me. Monstreolus, Doomso and I entered present. Tom was there, standing. He was shocked to see us. And suddenly Monstreolus disappeared.
His last few words were- “I will be back to kill you.”
And then Tom also fainted. But to my great amazement Doomso also started disappearing.
Tears ran out from his eyes.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you. I am your brother Steve. Future Steve! And you would be a brave girl as well as a sister in the future. I will miss you. Bye!”
He disappeared. Tears started falling from my eyes. Present Steve woke up.
“Where are we?” Steve asked.

I hugged him. Then Tom also opened his eyes.

“What happened to me and where am I?” He asked.
“I am glad that you both are ok.” I cried in happiness.
Wait a minute! I can see Tom’s evil smile. Then I froze in horror. My mouth dropped open. He had that evil locket.

     END //
-Anish Pandey


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