Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Evil Locket: Ch. 16

“Really?” I asked.
“But take care of a thing that he could not see me.” He said.
“I will tell you later. Now hurry! Press the red button so that I can join you. Because if you press the red button the person in front of you will be taken with you”
He handed me the glasses. I gulped hard. Then I pressed the red button. Doomso hurriedly locked the door so that Tom couldn’t get in. Then I wear them. I opened my eyes. Lots of monster like people were there. I was in the monster world. I could see Doomso clearly.
“Hey, you said that you are honest. So why you have named yourself Doomso?” I asked.

“My name isn’t Doomso. People think that I am involved in these so they named me Doomso.” He answered.
He kept his head down so that nobody could see him. 

“Where is Monstreolus?” I asked.
“We are near.” He said pointing the building that was just 500 metres away. We walked fast. Then I met a familiar face. I have seen it before!
“Who’s that?” I asked pointing. Doomso followed my gaze. He dropped his mouth open.
“Who’s that?” I repeated.
“He is Mr. Monstreolus.” He answered.
He started to run but Monstreolus blocked his path.
“You can’t run.” He said.
Then he kicked him. And then he dropped some liquid like object on him. Doomso started to scream. Then Monstreolus came towards me.
“Hey Sabrina, can you do me a favour?” He asked pretending to be good.

“Where is my brother?” I yelled.
“Here.” He pointed on a small bottle. Steve was present in that bottle in a very small size. Then I turned back towards Monstreolus.

“Science!” he explained.
I took that bottle.

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