Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Evil Locket: Ch. 15

“If you don’t go, you will not be able to see your brother again.” He answered.
I looked around.
“Where is my brother?” I shouted.
“I send him in my world in my world.” He said.
 “You can stay there only for 3 hours. If you find me there, I will give you the locket. You have to handle it to me and I will give you your brother back.” He said.
I started to run. I had no choice. But when I reached my bedroom, I froze in horror. The glasses were gone! And I knew who had done it. Mr. Doomso!
“Hey Doomso, where are you? Give my glasses back. =” I yelled.
“I am here.” A voice came from behind me.
I turned around. That boy with pure white body!

“Hey, give my glasses back.” I repeated.
“I can’t. This isn’t safe for you.” He said.
“Have you ever thought if it is easy to go there and bring the locket, Monsterolus would havehim gone and took the locket.” he said.
“But who are you? I mean why do you really wanted to help me? “I asked.
“There is a long story behind this.” He answered.
“I like stories.” I said.
“But tell me fast. My brother is in danger.” I pleaded.
“We came from future.” He started.

“Yes and your friend is the future Monstreolus. He, in future is a scientist. He invented something that makes people ghostly. First, he tried on himself and then on other people. He made his own city. I am the also one of the ghosts. I fought with him that you saw. But I lost. The other people also wanted to become normal. But they are helpless. They are being controlled by him. But he wanted to control the whole world from the beginning of his own life. So, he decided to rule here. He invented something that controls

Tom, your best friend. But the thing he only wanted is to give the evil locket to him. The locket had filled with gas and if that gas enters in any ones nostrils that person will look just the way I look like.And you know, I am also a great scientist, but good and honest. I invented future/past glasses as it was my biggest dream in my life but Monsterolus grabbed from me and he wanted you to go because he cannot go. Because if future Monstreolus meet Tom, then Monstreolus would be gone. Gone means dead.” He ended.
“But where am I in the future?” I asked. He didn’t answer.
“Take it, if you want to go. And I know you are a brave sis... I mean to say a brave girl. And I will help you to take your brother back.”

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