Monday, 19 October 2015

The Evil Locket: Ch. 1


“Do you like it?”
 I asked my brother pointing today’s breakfast. Egg Curry!
I don’t like the dishes of egg neither my brother Steve.
He shouted moving in front of me. I also did the same. I moved it backed in front of him.
“Hurry, eat your breakfast or you both would be late.” Mom said pointing on the clock where the time was 7:00 am. Our school bus arrives at 7:10 am.
“Eat your breakfast. Eat it, quick.” Mom repeated
“But Mom -
“Hurry” she interrupted ignoring me. I became upset. Then we heard our school bus horn. “This is the time to escape.” I thought. Then I saw mom’s face. She was looking outside through the window and was worried. I took my

school bag and wore my shoes. Steve also did the same. Then I opened the door quietly and ran towards the bus. Steve joined me. I heard mom shouting from window.
“Come back. Eat your breakfast first.” She yelled.
“Sorry Mom”
 I said and entered in the bus.
“I can’t describe what had happened today.” Tom said.
He is my best friend. He is tall and thin and sort of skinny. He has brown hair.
“Your mom might have made egg curry that I can smell from here and you and your brother ran because you both didn’t like the dishes of egg. Right “Sabrina?” He asked.
I nodded. He started laughing.

“I knew it” He snapped and we headed our way to school.

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